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Afya In 2020


As we all reflect on the intense and world shifting events of 2020, we hope you will recall the stark differences in access to healthcare that COVID-19 has highlighted.  Afya’s mission has always been to support the fight for access to quality healthcare, and with your donation we can continue providing needed and necessary supplies across the country and around the world.

For 11 years, Afya has delivered medical and humanitarian support to those impacted by disasters or chronic lack-of-resources. This spring, as Coronavirus cases skyrocketed, Afya took the lessons we learned from over a decade of delivering relief abroad and brought them home. 

Afya made 2020 the year of the pivot.

First, we listened to the calls from healthcare workers from across the tri-state area. One nurse in Brooklyn told us, “the ER felt like a warzone.” Then, we responded in force, immediately delivering vital PPE directly to those in need.

In 2020, Afya delivered over 2.3 million masks and 4 million pieces of PPE across the globe. We made over 420 deliveries, including to 166 partners in the tri-state area and  to 16 countries across six continents.

In the midst of the summer of Covid, Beirut, Lebanon was hit by an historic explosion. Afya quickly collected, packed, and delivered 380 pallets of life-saving medical supplies straight to partners on the ground in the disaster zone.

In the US, the virus continues to impact at-risk groups disproportionately. Afya has delivered seven shipments of beds, wheelchairs, and other eldercare material to vulnerable elders in the Navajo Nation, and will continue supporting our Native American partners.

Afya cannot continue this vital work without your support. We have the materials, we have the partners in need, and we have the human power – now we need your financial contribution to get it done.

Help us help those on the frontline, fighting for the most vulnerable. Support Afya today and protect your community and the world from Covid-19.